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Paradise Fresh Flowers welcome in the European spring with our special flower collection. European flower bouquets are the perfect surprise to send to somone special. Send a bouguet to welcome in the spring season.
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Flowers European Spring
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European Flower Bouquets
European Spring Flowers
Spring in Europe is a very colorful and splendid thing. These are the four fresh cut flower bouquets meant to resemble a European spring. Send any of these beautiful bouquets to be delivered to someone special, you can't go wrong. Paradise Fresh Flowers European collection consists of Colorful Carnations, European Spring Bouquet, Gentle Breeze Pastel Roses and Spring Spray Roses. Each bouquet is delivered in an insulated gift box and includes a personalized message card, flower preservative and flower care instructions.

European Flower Bouquets
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European Spring Flower Bouquet

"I have been ordering flowers for years. I must say your Company is the only one deserving of my compliments! Your flowers, packaging, service, etc. are outstanding. Even the vase was a very pleasant surprise. Such quality for the money. We consumers are out there and take notice. Companies like yours are a rare breed these days! Keep up the good work and quality service...and the excellent prices! "

-Barry L.

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Helpful Flower Related Article Below:

Carnations. Really Nice Flowers
by: Gaizka Pujana

It is widely believed that the carnation is one of the world's oldest types of flower. Today's beautiful carnation has evolved from the ancient dianthus caryophyllus flower.

The original flower was a bright pink or purple, while these days carnations can be found in a variety of other colors including red, white and yellow and also striped variations. The carnation is one of the most popular and long lasting flowers enjoyed for its attractive colors and fragrance. This flower is known to suggest distinction, love and gratitude and is suitable for many different occasions.

A light red carnation usually symbolizes admiration while a carnation that is deep red in color suggests love or affection. A white carnation is usually chosen as a sign of love.

Fresh Cut Carnations via the Internet.

The carnation flower is available all year round and due to modern technology, together with other fresh cut flowers, deliveries of carnations can be arranged and purchased from wholesalers via the Internet. There is no longer any need to step out of your front door and you can choose from examples of colors and sample bouquets
from online pictures on your computer screen. You may make your selection according to choice of flowers, price or color. Convenience is the name of the game, as you may view colorful illustrations of the carnation bouquet or arrangement before making your floral choice.

Keep Your Fresh Cut Carnations Longer.

Below you will find a few tips to help to maintain your bouquet of carnations for as long as possible. The carnations should be placed in a cool location and well away from direct sunlight. It should be noted that they will also keep better if they are far from sources of heat such as a radiator or even machines like a television set. It is also preferable to keep your fresh cut flowers away from cigarette smoke. Leaves under the water line in the vase should be removed and it advisable to cut off approximately an inch from the bottom of the stems, while they are under water.

In order to look after your flowers in the best possible way, it is recommended to follow any instructions that are offered by the florist. In addition, do place any flower food that is provided for your carnations, into the water. In a vase of water, carnations usually last between six to nine days and sometime with good care and the right conditions, they can last up to three weeks.

The carnation has proved itself to be a long lasting flower and this is one of the reasons that it has become such a popular element in bouquets and floral arrangements. This flower's unique ruffled appearance and lasting freshness has ensured the carnation's presence at many events and happy occasions.
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